Manufacturing Partners

Anderson International, Miao Li Factory

Anderson Industrial Corporation, Taiwan has evolved to the worlds leading CNC Machining Center manufacture, marketed and recognized worldwide as the ANDI Router.

Incorporated in 1971, Anderson very quickly discovered that the manufacturing industries of the world would develop increased demands for CNC Routers, as requirements for quality parts, smaller lot sizes and increased manufacturing costs, which multiplied the need for reliable and cost efficient CNC processing systems. In 1993 Anderson simultaneously entered the markets in the USA and Europe, setting new standards for machine technology, reliability and product costs for their industrial range of CNC Routers. ANDI Routers were readily accepted by the manufacturing industry and are now used in all facets of woodworking production, plastic processing, composite materials and aerospace technology. The range of ANDI Routers various from standard 3 axis processing centers, to complex and custom built 4 and 5 axis machines, designed to meet the highest demands in industrial manufacturing

Taichung Harbor, Taiwan

Omnitech Systems Inc. is proud to be associated with Anderson (ANDI) to produce the range of SELEXX SERIES of CNC routers made available for the "demanding" yet "cost conscious buyer" of today. The SELEXX series is manufactured for Omnitech by Anderson in their state of the art manufacturing facilities.